This is a space for you.

For your unique looks and features and mind.

For who you are or your vision of who you want to be.

During this session we will take photos at a location of your choice. This can be a place dear to your heart, a place you've maybe always dreamed of having your photo to be taken at, or a rad spot we pick together. 

We can plan a solo session just for yourself, or make it a date with me thrid-wheelin'.
The choice is yours.

✧ 1-2 hours of photography

We'll be sure to take our time to set the mood, settle in, and get all the sweet shots we're looking for.

✧ Unlimited, fully edited images


I won't just give you 10 images only to leave you wondering what happened to the rest. You'll get all the good shots. It's quality and quantity, no holding back.
Your gallery allows for downloads in both High Res (for printing) and Low Res (for Social Media), and the purchase of personalized print products.
✧ Access to private online gallery and shop


✧ Initial Planning and unlimited Follow Ups



I'd love for you to feel as calm, comfortable and content as possible. Let's chat, brainstorm, and set expectations together.

$400 CAD

I hope you'll look at your photos and feel them. I mean it. I hope you'll look at them and revisit the moment we captured them in - remembering your vision, your mission. What fuels you. What you stand for, all that you're about. Who you are or who you want to be. And I hope you know you can sure as hell have it all, and make your wildest dreams come true.

My wish for you is that the images we'll create will leave you feeling inspired by yourself.

That they are the water you need to keep growing. To make more of the good stuff you're already making.

That they help you feel bold enough to keep going on your path, to treasure this current version of yourself or move you one step closer to the one you might be dying to grow into.

To turn it all up one dial. To love harder, to be authentic, and to share your gift you want to bring into this world cause let me tell you what: It needs you.